When visiting where our family lived, I
could visualize Grandma (Mary) and
Mama, hauling water from more than a
mile away, by horse and buckboard, on
a daily basis.  There --  life was tough,
but filled with love, honor, and respect.
The house where Mama lived as a child on the rez
Sara Castro was wife to Simon Castro, who  
was mentioned in the Harrington notes as
part of
The Ethnology of the Salinan
s* publication and were Mama's God
Parents. Whenever Mama couldn't be found,
she'd be over at Sara's house.
*The Ethnology of the Salinan Indians - by Alden Mason, published by  
University of California Publication in American Archaelolgy and Ethnology
- Dec 14, 1912
Simon Castro on the rez with the
unhappy ending of a cougar that got
just too close for comfort.