Salinan ~ Chumash Nation
This Gathering took place in the backside of the San Antionio Mission de Padua ~ a beautiful natural setting.  It was awesome, dancing for the first time, 'bearfootn' on the land of my ancesters!
Men's Shawl Dance Contest
Son, Jim Greene, Hoop Dancer
Aztec Dancers
Intertribal Dancing
Jesuits along with tribal members, and attendees from a near by seminar
First Inter ~ Tribal Spiritual Gathering in Over 200 Years
(Including Bear Healing Ceremony)
SORRY ~ Pictures of Bear's Ceremony not allowed
The Friends of Historic San Antonio Mission provided a sizeable donation to assist in this historical event.  The US National Guard also donated a portion of the food and the Jesuits helped with the cooking and the use of their kitchen.
Gathering in 1992