Intertribal Activities
I'm game for just about anything, when it comes to the defense of our indigenous
rights. An improptu demonstration at the University of Santa Clara was quite
an experience in putting my money where my mouth is -- I was so fortunate to
listen to that inner voice and call into work that morning and ask for a vacation
day -- because as fate would have it -- there I was in the San Jose Mercury
News the next morning.
It was pouring rain and I couldn't think of a better place to be than to be
protesting against this school for allowing a mud-wrestling fundraiser to be done
with our "Sacred Soil" taken from an archaeological dig in San Jose, as per their
article in their newspaper. The blatant bragging they couldn't deny was already
in print and distributed throughout the school -- and we had a copy of it!! We
almost got arrested, due to Gustavo's zeal in contacting the security to let them
know what we were up to. We didn't have much time to organize -- less than 12
hours and we found it difficult to find those who were willing to stand in the
rain  -- but we accomplished our goal in spite of it all.
We were dumbfounded because it was a religious school, run by Jesuits and
they condoned this activity and of course they denied knowing anything about
it, but although it was done by a sorority house, plus it was done on school
Yes, we did get an apology~