"My Dream " is to one day
have our people join together
with the sole purpose of uniting
in one voice, one song and one
prayer, beginning with
individual tribal peoples within
their respective regions, then
enlarging to the scope of a
Unitied Tribes of the Americas;
to see the Gathering of All
Bears from across the country
-- climaxing with a Grand
Gathering of Bears Healing
Ceremony, in our tribal  land
where the Bear Clan began.
In the early '80's, I volunteered at an
alcohol recovery program, enriching my
understanding of the deadly diseases of
alcoholism and drug abuse.  During this
period, I was appointed as Council Chief
of the then Salinan Nation (subsequently
the name evolved into Salinan - Chumash
Nation at the advice of our attorney) and
have since, also been instrumental in
many spiritual circles - often providing
spiritual  guidance and actively
participating or officiating in Purification
Ceremonies throughout California as well
as in South Dakota.
In 1992, I was fortunate enough to
orchestrate the first and subsequent
gatherings of our people in our tribal
territory which included the return of the
Bear Healing Ceremony, the first in over
250 years in that location.
In June 1999 my then Chief, Joseph
Ballesteros, performed a Naming
Ceremony, introducing me into the Circle
of Elders with an ancestral name:  
"Xielolixii," which cancelled out all other
names I was formerly known by.
Currently I'm a member of the Board of
Directors of the Friends of Historic San
Antonio Mission. I am also experiencing
the excitement of completing my first
novel and starting another, plus
experimenting with poetry and prose,
along with my official duties as Chief.
I am a mother of five, a grandmother of
11, and a  - great-grandmother of 3.
"Knowing others is wisdom;
knowing the self is enlightenment"
~ Tao Te Ching
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