Keeping Tradtions Alive
Momma told me many years
ago, that my Great-great
Grandmother had scars on her
chin from tattooing at an early
age, and it was then that I
made a decision that I, too ,
would do as she did.
Back in the day when  
tattooing was done, the entire
native community would know
what the symbols meant, but
today, there would be
questions from those that are
now here that know nothing of
our traditions.  So this brought
me to my final decision of what
these markings would be.

Not long ago I felt the need to  
have 21st century markings
done and in so doing would
not leave doubt as to what
they mean.

On previous pages you would
know that my Spirit is that of
an Ancient Bear.  Scratches
across my back in the middle
of the night would often be
evident the next day, brought
to my attention by the itching
they caused (I live alone)
pushing me forward and out of
the 'box' and the result is what
you now see.

Commitment accomplished on
March 22, 2009

What a nice way to start my
7th decade this time around!

And yeah -- it hurt a little :-)
4 days later