Mama and Papi
Papi is holding my Brother - Paul
and I'm standing in front of Mama
The Year - 1944
This picture was taken in the front of
our house that our parents were
building. They both worked in the
cannery industry at the famous
Cannery Row in Monterey during the
Steinbeck era. Our property was
surrounded by Manzanita bushes. The
nearest house was on another block
and one was across the street.
Mama and Papi's wedding in
Seattle Washington in the year
of 1938
My birthmark located 3 cunes to the
right of the Tan Tien.  Taken by
Motorola phone. No need to see my
whole belly, and I'm sorry about the
stretchmarks going through this
awesome Grizzly, but if you look
closely, they form the 4 Directions..
hmmmmm??? Is it just my