Past Activities
Me running through the Mojave Desert - 103 - 110 degrees averaged each year that I ran.  I did this for 6 years in support of my two boys who were also running  (I'm one who cannot expect someone to do something, if I'm not willing to do the same.
Part of the Tciya Runners sponsored by San Jose State (I'm in the red - and this is my truck all decked out for the run) 
Native American Indian 500 Mile Spiritual Run
(from La Paz -- Chesar Chavez' Encampment to Manteca California
done during the last week in June
To qualify for the 500 Mile Run one had to do the 24hr Run held at DQU  (below: myself, Dave Hartness, Gustavo Arias, and one other person running supporting me as we ran into camp
Gustavo handing off  - staff cannot stop for any reason - it must be handed off to someone
Team member - Jason running up the Sonora Pass 9K ft up!! -- With a high 5 to my son Phil.
More recent team on honor run into Bridgeport Rez
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