A Journey Into a Past Life
~ con'd
Esselen family lived, not far from the San Antonio
Mission de Padua. I was driving my supercab F150
up the hill with some children in the back and their
older sister was in front with me. As the paved road
ended and the dirt road bean, we were having such a
great time laughing about 'the one-eyed' car that was
following us to the ceremony; Mikie was the driver's
name. Then all of a sudden, I saw it! It was The
Place that I had seen all my life and I remembered the
words I had said to my mother.

I began to cry in concern for the children and what
would happen to them if my life were to be taken
right then and there, since I was the one driving and I
was sure that the truck would go over the side of the
hill which was quite a drop from where I could see.
The young lady, Chemo's older Daughter, Charlene,
asked why I was crying and I whispered to her the
concerns going through my head. She suggested that
we pull over and smudge the truck. (I always drive
with a feather or two hanging from the rearview
mirror and I had plenty of sage in the truck)  I pulled
over and I prayed as I smudged the truck for the
protection of the children and for a safe journey to do
the ceremony. We continued on our way to
accomplish our commitment, but later remembered,
that the scene that I saw then, was brown and dry;
not green like I had seen in my many visions to date.

Getting back to regression: A few years later, I had
orchestrated the first of several gatherings of our
people in over 250 years, held behind the San Antonio
Mission de Padua, which included a Healing
Ceremony Dance by the Bears (some pics on this
website). During a subsequent gathering, the Head
Bear (Howie) mentioned for me to enter the circle.
This is rarely done, because when they do a healing,
you need to present them with an offering of tobacco
prior to the ceremony and there's also a time when
they have what they call 'the Hook-up' and people
who need healing can go inside and dance in a 'train'
type of dance. Anyway, I thought that maybe he was
going to say something to the people about the
gathering, but instead, he began to 'work' on me with
his Eagle Wing. I can't describe what came over me,
but it was like I had been opened up ~~ as if a long
zipper had unzipped from the top of my head all the
way down and a damp cool fog went through my
body. Before I realized it, I was told I could leave the

Sometime later, a friend of mine that was there, who
has the gift of psychic and clairvoyant abilities, told
me that both the Head Bear and she connected and
saw the same thing that he saw at the ceremony (they
had subsequently compared notes). I asked her what
that was, and she said that she said that she saw me
being hung in the forest not too far from where we
were. She said that I had seen where that had
happened. Her comment didn't make sense then, but
later it jelled. (Sometimes this old brain takes longer to
digest information than what I would like.)
I was shocked to say the least. Most of it was making
sense as to why I would have problems of wearing
turtle neck sweaters for more than a couple of hours,
or any necklaces called chokers. One beautiful choker
that I just loved, broke ~ more like exploded, while I
was in a orientation class for my work and the beads
went all over the floor, frustrating me to no end, not
to mention the embarrassment I felt.

Getting back to the regression: In 1999, early in the
year, I had had enough of my boss' whining that
morning and I excussed myself from his office, and
hurriedly left the office to go across town to pick up
my check.  Anything, just to get out of that office!! It
was pouring rain and I was wearing slacks and boots
at the time.  I ran from my car into the building and
prompltly slid on the floor, one leg sliding out in front
of me and I landed on the other one. The maintenance
people had not replaced the mat in front of the door
on the inside to keep people from tracking in water
and having an accident like I just had. After many
x-rays, examinations and an MRI, they diagnosed it to
be a broken big toe.  I was sent for physical therapy  
to help reduce the swelling and get some mobility.

All during this time, I had been living in a trailer up in
the mountains and every time I turned around, I'd be
banging either my knees, ankles, or some other part
of my lower extremities, hurting myself to the point
that I couldn't even leave the trailer to go to work
without becoming angry ~ angry at myself for hurting
myself ~ for being so 'stupid' as to not be careful
enough around familiar surroundings. So by the time
I'd get driving down the highway, I was not a happy
camper and this went on for a few days. It got so bad
that I called my friend Lisa, and told her what was
happening and that I didn't know what needed to be
done, but if I didn't do something real quick, I was
going to go crazy.

She told me that I needed to meditate, (something that
I knew nothing about) and that I also needed to do
ceremony. I asked her what she meant, since I went
to at least 2 or more sweats PER WEEK and thought
that was what she was talking about. She said no;
that I needed to go into a regression process to find
out what happened in my past so we could undo what
had brought me to this point of danger to myself and
possibly  that of others.

I agreed, so I was to meet with her and her mother
(who is also psychic) and they would work together
to help me get to where I needed to go.  I was
petrified, as I had no clue as to what was going to
happen to me and what we would find out.  But
something just had to be done!