Many things happen in a person's life, that push you through doors that you never knew were there, much less opened
or unlocked.  This is exactly what happened to me. I must first of all, give thanks to The Creator of Life who instilled in
me the inspiration to begin writing for and about my people. A prayer of thanks goes up to my ancestors who, without
their footprints for me to follow, I would be lost.

    I also want to give special thanks to those who, over the years, gave unconditionally and supported me in my life's
efforts that seemed a bit far-fetched at times, but never lost faith in my abilities, or my commitment. My prayers, love,
and many thanks go out to:  my father and mother who brought me to this earth:  L. & G. Correa
, my sons and daughters:
Dane, Tina, Yvette, Jimmy, Phil; my brother Paul and his wife ~ Karlene; to my ever persuasive cousin Wolf, and the rest
of our Bear Clan.

    For the friendship and camaraderie of one of the most wonderful and powerful Bears, who pulled back the curtain and
opened my inner eyes to my Bear
Spirit, more than 25 years ago who has since crossed over:  Howie Marrufo.  For the
love and guidance of a dear friend,
psychic and clairvoyant who gave me a glimpse into my past lives ~ Lisa Nilsen.

    For the many prayers that went up from the Circles that I depended on when I became serious about my spiritual path
many years ago:
Chief Yellow Lark from Seattle Washington ~ where I was conceived, who witnessed my inner Bear
Spirit and Its path nam
ing me as an infant with an Ancient Bear Spirit name; Chief Joseph Ballesteros ~ my Chief, who
never lost confidence in my abilities and provided big shoes to fill
with his journey to the Spirit World; a very special and
dear friend
of many years and Lakota Elder -- Don Johnson -- who gifted me a new name for the Rite of Passage to The
Circle of Elders
as early as July 1989 and was subsequently bestowed to me ten years later; to a very understanding,
considerate, and powerful Medicine Man -- Richard Movescamp; to one of my first teachers in my Native American
Indian Spiritual
Journey - Chemo and his wife Teresa Candelaria, Gabe and Virginia Santiago, my prodigy in the Lakota
Ceremony - Genene Oviatt; Rick Baker -- a kind, wise, and gentle man who is always willing to help and encourage
Hector and Mindy Heredia, Luis Vasquez, Jody Pedro;
a dear friend Paul Peralta who gifted me with my first hand drum
many years ago,
for two powerful Bears -- Randy Ferguson and TurtleHawk; plus Turtlehawk's loving wife Bonnie; Ron
and Carol Wermuth, who were instrumental in providing
a powerful insight into my Spiritual Path emanating from the
West, and It's Medicine that was long over-due.  Also to Vicky Tanner, Bill Gray, Vince Gonzales, Laura Elton, and Dan
Heckel; Two very special friends -- Ruth Lumpkin and Charles Pruitt; and to a very dear and special friend and Bear
Spirit, Roxann Souza.

    Last of all but certainly not least:  Bill Wright, who made me see glimpses
of my true self, and revealing his insight,
plus his belief in my level of spirituality, thus renewing my confidence and self-empowerment in a time of doubt.

    I'm not able to list all at this time who have been helpful and accompanying me down my spiritual path, but I will be
giving them my thanks in many prayers to the Creator of Life for their friendship, patience, and understanding in this

Ki'sile' Tie'nel xa
(All My Relations)
Thanks for Your Gift