As your Moontime approaches, feel the openness and sensitivity increasing. Pay closer attention to where you allow yourself to be, and to the energy around you (for you imprint very deeply during this receptive time). Choose to immerse yourself in what you wish to receive, create and magnify through yourself. Turn toward beauty, peacefulness, song and vision for a radiant, harmonious life for your children and the children of seven generations. Refine the objects of your attention, until the blood comes and you retreat into the peaceful beauty and quiet of the Moon Lodge, leaving behind the everyday world for a few days

Within this Lodge, keep a large and lovely book for recording your visions, dreams, imaginings and intuitive flashes. Also, make possible a simple art expression for another kind of record. These expressions will unify the information and make it available to all who come in there. In the Moon Lodge you remember your vow to use this transparent veil in calling vision for your people, praying, "Not for myself alone, Great Spirit, do I ask this vision, but that all the peoples may live.

The dream will begin to unveil itself through strands woven from many women's dreams. The weaving created through gathering to share on the New and Full Moons and from the records kept will create a fuller tapestry, more easily understood and made real in the ordinary affairs of life. This is the ultimate action: making the
Dream of Peace real in our everyday lives.

During the days following the first flood of clearing blood whose potential for life we give back to Mother, the flow gentles, wanes, slows and completes itself; we integrate the vision within ourselves and ready ourselves to come forth. The veil thickens as we turn away from it, and we step into the present. We make ourselves solid, flex our lean bellies, and come forth.

Grandmother's cycle and Mother's mind within us assist us with the task of coming again fully present into the world. At the Full Moon we are at our most powerfully attentive, aware and present for action in the world. From the womb of Buffalo Woman, we carry new creations to join with the light,
*(exp: spirits wanting to be born) and birth takes place.  *(Thus we become united creators of life)

The dream is made real in the beauty of Mother's Earth.
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