(This is still a work in progress, but it covers some important issues/concerns)
Most recent revision by Xielolixii 6/28/2008
Let me preface this by saying that this is just a tip off the iceberg, but I feel this little bit covers most of
the questions long forgotten and especially those that still linger.  I cannot say that I know all that there
is in this present mind, but down deep inside you will feel that you have known this all along - it's just a
remembering that I'm bringing to you.

I also want to say that there will always be those that have a difference of opinion and that is good.  I
just pray that all who hear or read this will understand that women are the foundation of the human
form and co-creators with the Creator of Life.

The Mexican people have a parable that says:  "A house is built on the backs of the Woman (Nation)."   
We are the ones that have the responsibilities of instilling values and integrity for the first 7 years of a
child's life, not only in words, but by example.

Although women are exalted here, it doesn't take away from the integral part that our counter-part - the
Man Nation, plays in our life as they embrace us, provide for us, and protect us, and as a unit, together
we provide a solid foundation for the next 7 generations.

The following words are taken from what I put into our 'time capsule' manual.  There are a few
excerpts taken from valuable resources and mentioned herein:

This is a very special time for women.  We/They are the givers/ creators and nurturers of life and as
such should be revered during this time by those who are not on their Moontime. During times in the
past, they would go or be taken to a specific place called the Moon Lodge,  to be waited on for most