My first gourd rattle made for giveaway ~
Created in March '09
The finished products -- oh yes, I did the paw print pictures, too!  :-)
Teresa and I had fun locating this awesome case to put it in.
I'm not an artist, so I did this paint-by-the-numbers.  It turned out really nice, but it took a whole lot longer than the instructions said, but well worth every stroke of the brush.

The idea to do a horse painting was to honor the 'visitation' of a White Stallion, that Teresa got at the Star Dance Ceremony near the Grand Tetons in June '08, which was witnessed by all who attended.  It lingered after the herd that followed him in, left, giving us all a strong message.
These are seapods that I painted for giveaways and are some of the first ones done in April & May '09